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Lisette Poole - A Migration Story 'Shoes'

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Shoes after crossing the border from Nicaragua into Honduras at night. Liset Barrios and journalist Lisette Poole traveled with migrants from Cuba, Nepal and Somalia on foot through Nicaragua's back country for four days before reaching Honduras. Barrios, 24 left Cuba with dreams of reaching the US and met her goal 51 days later having traveled 8,000 miles with journalist Lisette Poole in tow. Barrios was one of the last migrants to receive almost automatic asylum in the US under wet foot dry foot, a special privilege for Cuban migrants.


Lisette Poole
Cuban-American photojournalist Lisette Poole was working in Havana documenting the impact of rising tourism and the new opportunities afforded by open US relations when she met 52-year-old Marta, who became a fast friend. Within months, the photographer found herself packing her backpack to accompany Marta and her friend - a 24-year-old sex worker also called Liset - as they migrated to the United States. For the next 51 days, Poole documented the women’s journey as they travelled illegally through 11 countries, via smugglers and roadless jungles. To experience the story she was documenting, Poole adopted the role of illegal migrant herself, shooting on a phone or point-and-shoot when it was too dangerous to pull out a camera. Poole features in Huck's Documentary Photography Special V and Rule-Breakers: The Exhibition.


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