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Ryan Staley - Horizontal Hats

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Ryan Staley
Ryan Staley lives a double life. His day job finds him working in the buttoned-down world of corporate law. But his free time is spent on the streets of LA, focusing his untrained eye on an ‘alternate reality’ that only he can see. A few years ago, Staley was gifted an iPhone by his law firm and, having never taken photos seriously before - other than selfies and holiday snaps - it transformed how he engaged with the world. He started taking 'shitty photos' of the everyday things he encountered on the streets, slowly training his eye on characters and moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, zoning in on bright colours and making use of acute angles that break from traditional principles and norms. Follow him on Instagram @powercorruptionandlikes. Staley features in Huck's Documentary Photography Special V and Rule-Breakers: The Exhibition.
  • Limited edition print run of 100 pieces
  • Supplied with TCO London Archive certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance
  • Printed in the UK, Global shipping available
  • Dimensions: 21 x 29cm including border
  • Presented on Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matt finish